Welcome to UnchainedTech!

Published on Jun 1, 2021, by Minteck and antoine62

Onion (Tor) address: http://BlgChnxUwUxqwclt247g6d4sxun4w3cqohkwgtjmckb6nbzu2pfssvyd.onion/ (yes yes, UwU), or clear Web (HTTPS) address: https://unchainedtech.minteck.ro.lt

This is the first part of a long story. UnchainedTech is a new blog concept launched by antoine62 and Minteck because they both wanted to have a blog.

This is mostly a fun project, don't expect anything serious coming here, except some tech news.

Example things we will cover on UnchainedTech:

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Here's a cat picture for your pleasure: (and also because I wanted to test pictures) cat

I put this text here as a test.